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Antonio (TJ) Tornatore, Elected Highway Superintendent

                Happy 2024, hope everyone has a Great New Year !  we have been busy with drainage projects on Lewis Point Rd., Warners Rd, Arthur Jenkins Rd. and with the help from the Madison County Highway and the Town of Sullivan we have been able to accomplish most of the work with Equipment and resources.

                We resurfaced this past year Arthur Jenkins, Shackleton Pt., and Walnut Pt. with a Paving Company and with the help from the Town of Sullivan with their paving crew we were able to do Patane Dr., Ronald Dr., Rosalyn Dr., Wedgewood lane and Farr Rd. with tremendous cost savings. Paving projects for 2024 will be Pavone Place, Indian Opening Rd., Tag Rd., Tackabury Rd. BeBee Bridge Rd. Jennings Rd. and Bruce Rd.

                We are still awaiting the delivery of the new plow truck that was ordered, it is a Mack 6 wheel plow truck which will make it easier plowing the lake roads, should be here soon.

 And a reminder of our brush and bag policy, if you are planning on tree trimming and yard cleanup call the Highway Dept. and we can bring a trailer to assist in the removal branches leaf bags.

                Our driveway pipe policy is if you request one the Superintendent or Foreman will decide the correct size and the homeowner will be responsible for purchasing  the pipe and we will install the pipe.

                There is still a plan to construct the walkway from the rail trail along Donald Dew Hicks Dr. to Court St. we will working with Madison County Highway on this project.